Friday, September 26, 2008

A Few Pictures...

Okay so I am FINALLY putting up some pictures for everyone!
First was london...
This picture was definitely inspired by the episode of America's Next Top Model where they all cram into the phone booth and have a photo shoot. My photo shoot however was a lot more awkward and short lived because there were people talking in the phone booth next to it and there were also people waiting to use the phone...
Sydney, me and Claire in front of Big Ben
Me and Claire after we saw Les was so good!
me in front of trafalgar square

Next came Brugge...
Brugge was magical. No other way to describe it.

Julia, Me and Jocelyn on our night out in Brugges
Eating fries the belgian way...with tiny forks and mayonnaise

Then was Brussels...

This picture pretty much sums up my experience in brussels. Lots of creepy men trying to convince us to eat at their restaurants.

Unfortunately I don't really have any pictures from the netherlands...thats about when my camera died but I will get the pictures from Jocelyn's camera. I don't really have any pictures from Paris yet either. I have been really sick so pictures have been low on my priority list. Also we have only been here two days and I have two months to get pictures so I'm not too worried. Anyways, I am loving Paris so much! I don't understand why the french are stereotyped as rude because everyone I have met so far has been soo nice! I met my host family yesterday and they are amazing! My "mom" is so cheerful and is always humming little french songs around the house. This morning she showed us all around Boulogne and where all the metro stops were...unfortunately she gave us the wrong name for the metro stop so later on today when i tried to come home i ended up getting lost for almost 3 hours. I don't even know how I eventually made it home but it was quite the experience. On the bright side, I had my first real french eclair today and it was soo good! With all the patisseries around I am praying I don't come home obese...well anyways I miss you all tons! Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Long time no post...

Okay sorry I haven't been very good at documenting my trip! We have been sooo busy. We wake up around 7 and then don't get any time to relax until we get home around 9 or 10 at night. It makes for a very long day. So far we have been to England, Belgium and the Netherlands. In London i went to see Wicked and Les Miserables...both were awesome! After London we went to Brugges, this tiny town in Belgium. It is by far my favorite place we have been to. It was so quaint and all the people were so friendly. The only problem was that we stayed at this bed and breakfast with this crazy woman named madame Nicole who had this disgusting cat named tibou. Also I'm pretty sure madame used our bed as a litter box and i ended up with a weird rash after sleeping there. Enough said about that though. After Brugges we went to Brussels for a day, which I didn't really like very much. It was very touristy and just kind of dirty. After Brussels we went to Antwerp and now we are in Amsterdam.  Yesterday we went bike riding through these forests and giant fields in a national park here in the netherlands. It was really beautiful and so much fun. Also, we just got some information about the families we will be living with in Paris!! My family is Monsieur and Madame Devarenne. They live in Boulogne which is about a 10 minute metro ride into paris. They have 5 daughters, the youngest is 24 and still lives at home with them. Also they have a small dog so I'm excited to have a pet! We leave for Paris on tuesday so I can't wait to meet them! Well I miss everyone so much and I promise I'll be better about updating once I get settled into Paris! I'll try to put up some pictures soon.
Love you all!
p.s. I never thought i would say it...but i am so sick of bread! Today we got mexican food in den haag and it was soo delicious. I had nachos with was so good to have something besides bread, cheese and nutella which is all i eat for every meal!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jet lag...

So I got into London this morning after a LONG flight and then spent the whole day out sightseeing with my group. It was pretty overwhelming and by the end we were all exhausted and starving. We got some pizza for dinner at a little italian place and it was pretty good. Since I was so tired and didn't sleep too much on the plane I tried to go to bed around 10 PM here.  I woke up thinking it was morning but when i looked at my phone it was only 11!! I had only been asleep for an hour! So now I can't go back to sleep since my body thinks its like 3 in the afternoon and I'm sitting blogging in a dark hotel room with 7 other girls who are dead alseep! I don't want to sound too negative though. Besides my body refusing to adjust to the time zone London is great! I can't get over how cute everyone's accents are! Well I'm going to try to sleep again, wish me luck!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

hello bloggers

Hey everyone! I'm leaving September 8th to study abroad in Paris. Aunt Shelly suggested I make a blog to keep everyone updated while I'm on study abroad it is! Come Sept 8 keep your eyes peeled for some new posts!